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You probably know that when a search engine returns its search results, it gives you two types: ‘organic’ (or ‘natural’) and paid.

Organic search results are the Domain Name and Web site listings that most closely match the user’s search query based on relevance. The more natural and relevant a Domain Name and Web site is, THE HIGHER IT RANKS. This prominence sets it apart from the competition and immediately catches the eye of the searcher.

Paid results are advertisements - the Domain Name and Web site owners have paid to have their Web pages display for certain keywords, so these listings show up when someone runs a search query containing those keywords.

However, paid advertisements are usually only necessary if to begin with you have a not totally ideal choice as a Domain Name for your business. Regretfully, paid ads are often ignored by searchers and also they are a constant drain on your marketing budget.

So, natural, organic, high ranking search results are what we should be aiming for; this prominence is sometimes referred to as Google ‘love’ and is ESSENTIAL if you want your profile, your business, and your profits to grow.

Google values relevance in the form of LOCATION and / or GOODS & SERVICES that are being offered. And the best way that a business can get some Google love, i.e. being recognized as extremely relevant (consequently rating higher in and dominating the search results) is to OWN A DOMAIN NAME THAT INCLUDES THAT CRITERIA.

Fortune 500 companies realize that owning a GEOGRAPHICALLY SPECIFIC, EXACT MATCH, and MEMORABLE Domain Name (like this one that you’ve come to) can provide enormous benefits, such as; trust, authority, type-in traffic, brand recognition, search engine ranking, and cost savings on future marketing.

These outcomes are achieved by redirecting these RARE GENERIC Domain Names to their main company sites or setting up additional / secondary sites to funnel, capture, and convert all online enquiries.

For example: redirects to Time Magazine. redirects to Barnes and Noble. redirects to Kraft.

Thousands of companies copy this same strategy of buying and redirecting generic Domain Names to their primary or secondary sites.

If you want to create the future - here and now – by securing the ultimate goal of search results supremacy, then you too can do the same thing with this extraordinary, intuitive – and most importantly - EASY TO REMEMBER Domain Name.

Either way, with this Domain Name leave your competitors behind and have Google recognize and promote YOU – as the industry INNOVATOR, LEADER and AUTHORITY.


Compared to ‘traditional’ (i.e. increasingly obsolete) marketing channels such as Radio, Print, TV – where your advertising might last only a few seconds and cost you a small fortune every time – you could own and utilize this unique Domain Name to achieve MARKET DOMINANCE forever!

We challenge you to find a more progressive, focused, or smarter way to be known LOCALLY and GLOBALLY as the number ONE accommodation provider in your area.

Life is all about timing. There is one moment, one chance, one opportunity, to change it all. And as far as your business is concerned – this is it.

Create your vision.

Finally, if you want to disrupt this market, so do others.
Then, does the future belong to whoever gets there first?

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